Posted by: repettas | January 25, 2008

nVision Timeouts

nVision Reports/Report Books Timeout
After upgrading to PeopleTools 8.44 or higher,if a users run nVision reports for more than 15 minutes they go to no success status in Process Monitor.The error in the message log states, “nVision process is erroring out process exceeded max processing time (15 minutes)”.

Starting in PeopleTools 8.44, nVision users can specify the maximum duration each of the report requests are allowed to run. By default,the report request is set to blank which means it will timeout after 15 minutes.

If the report is going to run over the 15 minutes,the users can specify the maximum duration under the Advance Options on the nVision Report Request page.

Users can also change the Maximum Processing time under the nVision Process Definition. If it’s set to blank it will default to 15 minutes. Here is some information in Peoplebooks regarding that:


Error Handling (Timeout)

Use this option to specify the maximum processing time for this process. The system will kill the process if processing exceeds this time. The default value is specified in the Process Definition. If a nonzero value is specified in the report request, that value is used if the report request’s value is zero, the value from the Process Definition is used. If no value is specified in the Process Definition, a default value of 15 minutes is used.


If the users are running a ReportBook,the timeout value is for each individual request in the reportbook.If everything is left blank and any of the requests run over 15 minutes, it will timeout.

If users wish to change the Max Processing Time for the Process Definition,you will want to change it for the NVSRUN definition.If Drilldowns are going to process for over 15 minutes,the DRILLDOWN Process Definition will need to be changed as well.

You will need to bounce the Process Scheduler for the changes to take effect.

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